Birmingham Pride 2012

On Saturday afternoon I was fortunate enough to be able to walk around Birmingham Pride as a rubber puppy with 3 of my friends also in the same gear. We had the great fortune of having 4 friends accompany us to act as handlers and look after us.

The full gallery of pics can be found by clicking here


London Visit

On Sunday it was my boyfriend/owner’s birthday and so we planned a trip away to London for a few days to see some shows and attend some fetish events.

On Thursday morning, we both set off for a tube staion on the outskirts of London and after a while we arrived at our hotel in the Tower Hill area.

We checked in and were happy to put down our heavy bags and have a well deserved cup of tea and then plan the rest of the day.

We set off towards Victoria in search of some swim shorts, in order to use the hotel pool but failed, so we headed off to Zizzi for a lovely Italian meal together and then we walked over the road to watch Billy Elliot, which both of us thoroughly enjoyed. After the show we headed back to the hotel and snuggled up in bed.

Friday morning brought a slow start which screwed up our plans somewhat. We were planning to head to the Tower of London and then onto meeting some friends for lunch, but by the time we had eaten breakfast and got ready we didnt feel we had enough time to do the Tower. So we headed off towards Oxford street to continue the search for swim shorts, which this time was sucessful. Then it was onto London Bridge to meet our friends for lunch and after catching up and eating we headed back towards our hotel.

On heading back to the hotel, my owner informed me that he needed to clean his boots and have a shave ready for going out that evening, so I was ordered into my jock, football socks and of course I had my collared put on me. I was then subjected to some time standing in the corner and some stress positions and at some points I had the leather muzzle on.

After some play time and my owner doing the things he needed to we headed out to grab some quick food as we were now already running late to attend Fetish Bound at Central Station. On returning after eating, we both lubed up and go into our rubber suits. Mine being my full body all black suit from Skin Tight Rubber and my owner’s Black and Purple Cycle Suit from Latex 101.

A bag of gear was packed ready for me to spend a good few hours at Fetish Bound as a happy rubber puppy 🙂 I had my leather padded fist mitts, collar, rubber harness, knee pads, lead, rubber puppy hood, bag of chocolate buttons :), squeaky bone and black leather bone.

Street clothes were put on over the top of our rubber and we headed off towards Fetish Bound. On arrival we paid our admission and entered the club, seeing quite a few of our friends on arrival. We quickly stripped off our street clothes and I got into my puppy gear and started to play with the other pups that were already there in the ‘pup area’

After a while as a pupy I was getting quite hot and sweaty and so stood up and had my hood removed so I could have a drink and some chocolate buttons *wags tail*

The evening soon passed and it was time to head back to the hotel 🙁 It wasnt all bad though as on getting back to the hotel, still dressed in my rubber I was subjected to some more play by my owner. I was made to lick his boots as he stood on my lead, hooded and made to service my owner! and then as a reward I was played with but my owner saw it fit to give me a ruined orgasm 🙁

Saturday morning saw us get up early as planned and after breakfast heading off straight to the Tower of London for a good walk around and look at the Crown Jewels.

We then decided we would head off and see if we could get any tickets for Matilda The Musical. We stood in the returns area for what seemed like ages and finally someone came with one ticket which i told my boyfriend to take. After more wating someone else came with another ticket, so both of us could watch the show, even if we were sitting apart. After the show we head off for a cup of tea and a cake and then decided what to do for the rest of the daty.

We had a walk around Trafalgar Square and bits of London and then finally decided it was time to eat, so headed to an Italian restuarant we had visited before in Soho and settled down to a lovely meal together.

Sunday morning requried us checking out of the hotel after breakfast and so on packing some kinky gear into my rucksack we left our other bags at the hotel and headed off towards St James’ to visit the Churchill War Rooms. On arriving, my rucksack was subject to a bag search, which was slightly embarassing given its kinky contents, but the security guard did it quickly and professionally.
We had a very enjoyable informative walk around and then headed off to Soho to meet some friends for birthday lunch as it was now my boyfriend’s birthday and one of our friends, DoDain’s birthday as well.

After lunch we headed back to their place and had some kinky playtime, which was very enjoyable but it was soon time to head back to the hotel to collect our bags and then head off back towards the tube station where we had parked my car and then onto home.

A very enjoyable few days were had by us both and we hope to be able to do something similar again soon, and more than likely for my birthday in July


*wags tail*

Sunday Play Session

Saturday last week was spent working late and was quite tiring, but there was some well deserved fun on Sunday when Zentai Spot, his owner and my boyfriend came round to visit.

I was fortunate that Spot and his owner bought round their vac bed from Regulation, London.

Everyone arrived at about 12.30 and we sat down , had a catchup chat with the usual cups of tea and coffe and a piece of my boyfriend’s homemade flapjack.

Finally, after some chatting the vac bed was assembled in the middle of my living room floor. We then proceeded to just look at it for a while until finally starting the conversation of who should go in first. It was decided that as this would be my boyfriend’s first time, he could go first.

He throughly enjoyed his time in the vac bed and I enjoyed rubbing his rubber clad body and teasing his cock! 😛

Next Spot went in, and he was tormented with a vibrator for a while. When he came out, it was my turn! 🙂

So i stripped off, got into the vac bed, got the gag comfortable in my mouth and the vacuum was switched on. Soon I could feel the rubber tightening around every part of my body, until I was immobile and in darkness. I was then stroked, played with and tormented with the same vibrator, by who I beleive was my boyfriend, but no way of actually knowing! The gag is quite large and started to give me jaw ache, so I had a break whilst still lying in the vac bed. I was then vac packed again and in for more torment and some cock and ball smacking and flicking, which caused me to flinch alot! 😛 Soon it was time to get out and on doing so it was decided that we were all hungry so we settled down to order in pizza.

Once pizza had been digested, Spot and I were in for some pre planned fun between Spot’s owner and my boyfriend, which neither me or Spot knew about.

We were stripped of our boxers, equipped with electro pads on ass cheeks and electo rings on cock and balls (Spot had metal rings and I had conductive rubber). We were then stood back to back and wrapped in black pallet wrap and hazard warning tape! Then we are carefully lowered onto our sides and each wired up to an E-Stim Systems 2B Electro Box which were in the capable hands of our respective parties.

This torment went on for quite a while and went from fairly pleasureable to very painful and everywhere in between! 😛 I have to admit to enjoying it all though!

We were cut out of our pallet wrap prison and allowed a sit down and motivational cup of tea/coffee.

Next on the play agenda was a bit of pup play with chocolate buttons! (Both Spot and I have a very soft spot for chocolate buttons, as must pups do!)

Spot and I were dressed in leather chastity shorts, still with electro pads on ass cheeks, collars and fist mitts. Then wired upto the remote electro box from E-Stim Systems.

Our boxes were set on motion control and then chocolate buttons were placed at various points around the living room, on each other and on noses, but of course in order to get them we had to move and that meant getting shocked!

Once we had eaten all of the chocolate buttons, like two greedy pups it was time for people to pack up and go home 🙁

It was a great day spent with great people and I just want to thank them again for visiting and to Spot and his owner for bringing their vac bed

*wags tail*




New Year Celebrations

It has been quite a while since myt last post and for this I appologise. I have been a rather busy pup of late with the day job.

New Year’s Eve wasnt spent drinking, partying or generally having a good time with mates. It was spent working until the early hours of 2012.  I cant say Im actually disappointed, as instead of spanding lots of money, I was actually earning it 🙂

New Year’s Day and the 2nd of Janaury however, were alot more social friendly with less work.

After not as much sleep as I was hoping for, my boyfriend came to visit me. We spnd some time snuggling on the sofa with a cup of tea and then a mutal friend of ours, Sam arrived at about 3pm. We all sat drinking tea, listening to music and generally catching up.

I then got a text from Colin and his pup Zentai Spot, saying they were free and agreed to come round to say hello. When Sam heard about this he literally lept off the sofa and started to get on his rubber suit (from STR), his rubber harness and Rubber Puppy Hood ready for their arrival.

I stayed in my normal clothes, greetd Colin and Spot and we all sat and had drinks and a catchup. Then we all decided we were hungry so Dominos Pizza was ordered and consumed. Once that had settled myu boyfriend and I got into our rubber also (him in his rubber cycling suit from Latex 101 and me in my full body rubber suit from Skin Tight Rubber)

We all really just sat around in our kink gear continuing to drink, chat, listen to music and look at various items of kink gear online.

Bed was finallty reached at 2am after taking off the rubber in the shower, for ease.

Monday was an interesting day. We all finally woke up about 11.30 or so and the day was started with the usual cup of tea or coffee. After heading out for breakfast supplies, cooking and eating breakfast it was 1pm, so it was decided it was now playtime 😉

After receiving quite a hard spanking for being cheeky I was order to strip and then head back into the living room.

I was tied in a rope harness with arms secured at sides and Sam then receieved the same treatment. Estim electrode pads were places on both of our ass cheeks and we are laid on the floor and feet tied together in a diamond shape.

I was then put into my Neoprene Butterfly Hood, it was zipped up and I was Estimed quite alot whilst also having my cock played with at times. I was finally allowed to cum after alot of torment, then was untied and able to sit up and recover.

Time marched on and soon people had to leave to go home and I was left to tidy up my living room, put away my kink gear and sort myself out with some food.

Was great to catch up with my friends and have some playtime 😛

Some pictures were taken of the play and when I get them I will post some on here for all to see.

Also, you can read Spot’s account of the new year’s fun on his blog


Merry Christmas


Just a quick blog post to wish all the pups, subs, slaves, handlers, doms and masters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

*runs around the living room trying to sniff out any presents that may be chocolate buttons*



Rubber Puppy Visit to Boltz Club, Birmingham

Well Saturday brought a very interesting and varied day.

It started by waking up at home with the boyfriend, dealing with the boring tasks of cups of tea and breakfast, followed by a short and pleasant drive to Walsall to visit a friend Ken and also Sam, who was also visiting.

We had a relaxed afternoon of catching up and drinking tea and then 9pm came and it was time to get into our fetish kit and head out to Birmingham.

I wore my rubber suit, my new rubber harness, from Skintightrubber and my collar. My boyfriend wore a borrowed shiny wetsuit and Sam wore his new rubber suit, new rubber harness and with that he drove the three of us into Birmingham.

On entering Boltz, we had to go through the proceedure of signing up as members, as it is a members only club. I was asked for ID from the guy behind the counter, but didnt have it with me as I had left it in my wallet, back at Ken’s place. *silly puppy. Paws over eyes*

We met up with a few friends, who were also in rubber/puppy gear. Jamie and his boyfriend Paul & Mark and his puppy Jet.

We stood and chatted for a while, whilst having a drink or too. Then it was time to puppy up 🙂

Jet was dressed by Mark in his Blackstyle rubber puppy hood, rubber puppy paws and collar and proceeded to be a very happy pup on all fours.

Myself and Sam also put on our Blackstyle rubber hoods. I wore my leather fist mitts and Sam wore his new rubber paws.

We were then both happily playing on all fours, getting head scratches and playing with Jet’s squeeky glow in the dark large bone 🙂

We were later joined by Paul, who had pup on his rubber puppy gear too.

I had to have a break at points as I was getting hot in the hood and my feet were starting to hurt from sitting on them in my boots.

Later on in the evening, my boyfriend wanted to try being a puppy, so borrowed some kit from Jamie and proceeded to have a fantastic time. At first it was a bit strange to see my boyfriend/owner as a puppy but soon I found myself with my hood and mitts back on, having a great and fun time back on all fours.

A wonderful night had by all. Was lovely to catchup with people and have time in my rubber puppy gear again 🙂

*wags tail*


Visit to a Leciester Playroom

On Friday and Saturday last week, myself and my boyfriend had the great pleasure of visiting a very experienced Master with his own playroom in Leicester for some very enjoyable, horny and kinky times!

We both tried lots of things whilst there, including the new milking machine, for which we were restrained in a sling and hooded, whilst the machine mercilessly kept us both on the very edge for over an hour each. I managed to cum, but only after some help from the boyfriend, who of course knows which buttons to press 😛

I also found myself naked and suspended upsidedown from the winch for a while, which was great fun, if a little disoriantating.

We both found ourselves tied up in various positions and subjected to cock and ball electro, which was great fun. We were both muzzled, and I was tied to the bondage table, which my boyfriend was tied to the bondage chair for the electro.

I was however quite cheeky to my boyfriend during the day, so ended up getting quite a hard spanking to make me realise the error of my ways 😛

Some pictures of the milking machine process may be posted in due course. So watch this space.

My sincere thanks must go to Master E for not only giving up his time, and his playroom but also for his exceptional hospitality and great food.

Very much looking forward to a return visit sometime 🙂


*wags tail*

Vac Bed

This is my first blog post on my new blog and is actually referring to an event that happened a few weeks ago, but Im sure no one reading this will mind.

I had the pleasure of visiting Heros again in London on the first sunday in August, at The Backstreet club.

For those of you who dont know what Heros is, it is a club night for all those into skintight clothing such as lycra, speedos, wetsuits, rubber, cycling gear etc.

Whilst at Heros I met up with a few of my friends including Sam, Spot and his owner Colin, Kye and Mike.

It was a chance to catchup with people in a relaxed environment whilst wearing my adidas lycra fast skin.

After leaving Heros and stopping off at McDonalds on the way for a Midnight snack, several of us went back to Sam’s place and I had the privilidge of being allowed to try out Spot & Colin’s new Vac Bed.

The feeling of being encased in tight rubber and unable to move was fantastic and I very much hope to be able to do it again.

My thanks must go to Spot and Colin for allowing me to use their expensive new purchase and for giving up their time to allow me to do it.

Here are two pictures of me in the Vac Bed, courtesy of Colin and his camera 🙂

*wags tail*


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