Visit to a Leciester Playroom

On Friday and Saturday last week, myself and my boyfriend had the great pleasure of visiting a very experienced Master with his own playroom in Leicester for some very enjoyable, horny and kinky times!

We both tried lots of things whilst there, including the new milking machine, for which we were restrained in a sling and hooded, whilst the machine mercilessly kept us both on the very edge for over an hour each. I managed to cum, but only after some help from the boyfriend, who of course knows which buttons to press 😛

I also found myself naked and suspended upsidedown from the winch for a while, which was great fun, if a little disoriantating.

We both found ourselves tied up in various positions and subjected to cock and ball electro, which was great fun. We were both muzzled, and I was tied to the bondage table, which my boyfriend was tied to the bondage chair for the electro.

I was however quite cheeky to my boyfriend during the day, so ended up getting quite a hard spanking to make me realise the error of my ways 😛

Some pictures of the milking machine process may be posted in due course. So watch this space.

My sincere thanks must go to Master E for not only giving up his time, and his playroom but also for his exceptional hospitality and great food.

Very much looking forward to a return visit sometime 🙂


*wags tail*