Rubber Puppy Visit to Boltz Club, Birmingham

Well Saturday brought a very interesting and varied day.

It started by waking up at home with the boyfriend, dealing with the boring tasks of cups of tea and breakfast, followed by a short and pleasant drive to Walsall to visit a friend Ken and also Sam, who was also visiting.

We had a relaxed afternoon of catching up and drinking tea and then 9pm came and it was time to get into our fetish kit and head out to Birmingham.

I wore my rubber suit, my new rubber harness, from Skintightrubber and my collar. My boyfriend wore a borrowed shiny wetsuit and Sam wore his new rubber suit, new rubber harness and with that he drove the three of us into Birmingham.

On entering Boltz, we had to go through the proceedure of signing up as members, as it is a members only club. I was asked for ID from the guy behind the counter, but didnt have it with me as I had left it in my wallet, back at Ken’s place. *silly puppy. Paws over eyes*

We met up with a few friends, who were also in rubber/puppy gear. Jamie and his boyfriend Paul & Mark and his puppy Jet.

We stood and chatted for a while, whilst having a drink or too. Then it was time to puppy up 🙂

Jet was dressed by Mark in his Blackstyle rubber puppy hood, rubber puppy paws and collar and proceeded to be a very happy pup on all fours.

Myself and Sam also put on our Blackstyle rubber hoods. I wore my leather fist mitts and Sam wore his new rubber paws.

We were then both happily playing on all fours, getting head scratches and playing with Jet’s squeeky glow in the dark large bone 🙂

We were later joined by Paul, who had pup on his rubber puppy gear too.

I had to have a break at points as I was getting hot in the hood and my feet were starting to hurt from sitting on them in my boots.

Later on in the evening, my boyfriend wanted to try being a puppy, so borrowed some kit from Jamie and proceeded to have a fantastic time. At first it was a bit strange to see my boyfriend/owner as a puppy but soon I found myself with my hood and mitts back on, having a great and fun time back on all fours.

A wonderful night had by all. Was lovely to catchup with people and have time in my rubber puppy gear again 🙂

*wags tail*