Chasity, Mumification and another Playroom Visit

Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of updates over the past few months. I don’t really have an excuse, I’m just a bit bad at remembering to write a blog post about anything exciting that has happened to me. That said not a lot of exciting things have happened of late, except for what will be detailed in this post 🙂


So here we go. A few weeks ago now whilst my bf/owner was away from home for a week and I had some time off work, I decided I wanted to spend some time in chastity, so I asked my bf if I could borrow his Curve Chastity Device. He of course agreed and I locked it on myself on Sunday afternoon, firstly with the padlock in case I had got the ring sizes etc wrong. All was well and I went about my time catching up with family and friends, all whilst locked in a CB. I did however discover that the Curve and tight underwear do not go together if you dont want to be in constant discomfort, so I had to spend the entire week going commando! All was fine whilst in the CB, I of course was very horny at times and frustrated at not being able to wank or even just play with my cock. I went to see my bf on the Saturday evening when he returned from being away (so at this point we are at about 6 days locked up). I was hoping after a bit of teasing and torment I would be let out on the Sunday and allowed to cum. This was not the case! I was made to get horny alot of the next few days and to help with the horniness of my bf, which of course just made me even more horny! Finally on Wednesday afternoon (so just under 10 days at this point) I was told I was going to be allowed out of the CB and allowed to cum, but it wasnt going to be easy!

I was told to strip and was mumified in pallet wrap and wide pvc tape and then laid down on the bed. I had my S10 gas mask put on me and the lenes taped up so I couldnt see. The CB was unlocked and removed and I instantly got rock hard. I was played with, sucked, spanked, wanked off with a latex glove and lube and was even ridden by my bf, like some sort of mumified sex toy before I was again wanked off until I came everywhere. Was a fantastic session and I would definately like to spend some more time locked in chastity, horny and very frustrated.

The second part of this blog post is about the weekend we have just had (11th & 12th Aug 2012).

Myself and my Bf/Owner headed off to see Master E in Leicester again (there is a blog post about our previous visit).

We arrived as requested at about 1pm on Saturday and sat down for a cup of tea and some pizza for lunch. After a good catchup chat, some food and a relax we headed upstairs to the playroom to have our first session of horny kinky fun!

As my bf/owner is a switch he wanted the opportunity to sub alongside me for a bit, so over the weekend we mostly spent the time with both of us subbing, apart from when I was a little too cheeky and needed reminding of my place as a sub 😉

Over the weekend I spent some time tied to the bondage chair, rope tied on the floor while my bf was tied standing spread eagle to the metal frame above me and his cock teased, tormented and edged, dressed in american prison t-shirt and baggy trousers whilst tied blindfolded and tied to a bondage frame for a flogging, spanking, caning and paddling for being cheeky and then finally I was suspended upside down and my cock teased. I was finally allowed to cum and as I was getting close, my head was pulled forward and I was made to cum all over my own face, which was both quite filthy but also very horny 😛

We both also spent time in our rubber kit as rubber puppies and had great fun playing in the playroom and getting tummy rubs and ear stratches.

My bf was also got the chance to do some horizontal suspension and more cock teasing. He also got tied standing spread eagle in his rubber suit and then spread eagle lying down, still in his rubber suit. I was then allowed to play with his cock and get him on edge again. I used my hand, the vibrating massager and my sucking skills to get him very horny. He was finally allowed to cum afer alot of edging with Master E wanking him and me licking his balls (which I know he loves!)

It was a fantastic weekend had by all and again we would like to send our thanks to Master E for inviting us round and allowing us to have some kinky enjoyable fun under his control in his playroom.