Visit to Pup Loki and Emsedonyk – September 2014

I had the pleasure of visiting these two wonderful kinksters and indeed friends again earlier this week.

After a nice cup of tea and a catch up chat, it was unto the bedroom to get into rubber. Emsedonyk dressed in a rather sexy lycra running suit and Loki and I got into full rubber black suits with toe socks and gloves.

We entered the playroom and where put into our identical hooded S10s. We then both looked like sexy horny rubber copies of each other.

We were tied face to face and all we could do was rub each others sexy rubber clad bums and rub our ever hardening bulges together 😛

I was then tied standing to the scaffolding frame and Loki was tied the same, so we were back to back. I endured a lot of cock torment and edging which was amazing. And we had a bit of a breath control competition which Loki won.

Loki was untied and continued to torment me for a while whilst Emsedonyk got some rope ready.

He then very skilfully tied a lot of rope around me into various harnesses before my legs were lifted and tied and i found myself suspended.

After more cock torment, including with the vibrating wand I was finally allowed to cum.

I shot all over Loki’s gas mask lenses and then he and Emsedonyk added to the cum loads

It was a very horny session, as usual with this pair of horny intelligent kinksters.

I look forward to another session in the future.

Enjoy the pictures! 😛