Photo Shoot with Chris Jepson of Manshooter.com

Last Tuesday, I was lucky enough to be invited over to the studio of Chris Jepson, an exceptionally talented photographer, for a kink photoshoot.

From the moment I arrived, I was very relaxed and Chris and I discussed what gear I had bought with me and what photos I especially wanted to do.

He has a very relaxed yet totally professional attitude, and I felt very at ease, and Im sure you’ll agree with me that he took some utterly incredible photos and I am so very happy with them.

Pup Jesse also stopped by to say hi and ended up doing a short photo session with me, which was amazing fun.

There are many more photos than I have put on here, mainly because a lot of them have my face in.

Please do take a moment to stop by the Man Shooter Website and to see more of Chris’ exceptional work

Images are all Copyright © Chris Jepson at Man Shooter – www.manshooter.com