Cartoon Gizmo

I have been following a guy on twitter for a while now who draws outstanding gay themed cartoon artwork and produces several comics all of his work. His name is @alexandergayart and he is a very talented young man. Check out his work at www.alexandergayart.com and I think you will be pleasantly surprised, I know I was 😛

He was currently not too busy, so was accepting commissions and I decided that I wanted a cartoon version of myself. I contacted him and we exchanged ideas and thoughts and I sent him photographs to work from.
I am so very impressed with his work and can’t wait to get a copy printed and framed at home.

I felt it was so good and my experience so wonderful that I just had to share it with everyone who reads this blog.

*Since originally writing this post, I have now got a large canvas print of the drawing on my bedroom wall

So please find below the amazing image Alexander produced for me. (click on it and a larger version will appear)
You will note that it is watermarked as I paid for this image and so I don’t want it being used elsewhere.