Birmingham Pride 2013 Puppy Walk

Bank Holiday Weekend came and it was time for Birmingham Pride again.

We travelled to Birmingham on Friday afternoon and met up with a few friends before grabbing some food and then an early night.

Saturday morning we woke, grabbed some breakfast and then headed off to meet more friends and get a good spot to watch the parade.

Whilst waiting for the parade to start, Tyler Pup appeared wearing his rubber suit. Was great to finally meet him after alot of chatting online.

After the parade, several of us headed straight back to our hotel to get changed into our rubber puppy gear and then head out to the parade.

There were going to be 6 rubber puppies walking round with our handlers. Kass, Tyler, Statik, Fuga, Cosmo and Myself. Then later in the day we were joined by Zentai Spot.

It took us all about an hour to get rubbered up and ready, and with a little help from our handlers we were ready to go. A quick stop off in the hotel reception for a group shot (see below) and then it was a short walk down the road to the pride site in the village.

We spent about 2 hours walking very slowly round the pride site. It was only possible to walk slowly due to the number of people on the streets and the fact that so many people wanted to stop us and either take photos of us or have photos taken with us.

Along the way, Zentai Spot arrived and joined us on our walk around which was great. His account of the day can be found here

It was a lovely sunny day which meant we were all roasting and sweating in the sunshine and were quite cold in the shade, but thats rubber for you!

It was fantastic fun to do and I cannot wait to do it again next year.

*wags* *woof*