Visit to Pup Loki 18/05/2013

I have to say once again that I am very sorry for the lack of updates to my blog. Been quite busy and updating the blog sadly takes a back seat.

Anyway here is the latest post about my recent visit to Pup Loki and his partner in London.

I arrived at their place on Thursday night after finishing working on an exhibition in Central London. We had a nice chat and some food and then it was bed time.

Sadly, they both had to work during the day on Friday, so I headed out into London and met a friend for coffe and a catchup chat.

I returned to their house in the evening and the three of us went out for a lovely Italian meal by the Thames in Canary Wharf. I had a suitably large glass of red wine (my favourite, especially for a meal out)

On returning to their house, we had a nice sit down and cuppa tea to digest out food and then it was time for some playtime to round off the evening.

I was dressed in Loki’s Shortie Rubber Suit, S10 Gas Mask with Blackout Lenses and Posture collar and was tied to the bondage frame standing in the playroom. I had my cock played with, tormented, teased and edged. Then some poppers were added which got me really horny and made the feelings of my cock being played with even more intense and horny. I was happily enjoying all that was going on, poppers had long worn off and was just concentrating on what was happening to me, when suddenly I felt faint, very hot and sick. Loki noticed a change in me and quickly got me untied, which meant him cutting the ropes that were holding me up. This was the first time he has ever cut someone out of ropes as he was worried about me, and I still feel embarrassed that this happened but thankful he did. Typically as soon as I was kneeling on the playroom floor, I felt a million times better but that was the end of play for the evening.

Saturday morning bought a nice relaxed start with cuppa tea, BLT sandwich and a nice relaxing hot shower. I was then locked in Loki’s Steelworxx Metal Chastity Device and a leather collar and taken out on a walk to a local farm, with an excellent cafe for lunch. Sadly the cafe was busy so we walked back via the supermarket and had a very enjoyable lunch back at their place.
After digesting food, I was then ordered to put on my rubber suit, toe socks and gloves. Then proceeded some suspension fun with more cock torment. I also got to try on a wonderful Studio Gum Hood which you can see in the pics.

Then I tried something I have never done before, I was hooded, an inflatable gag with funnel put into my mouth and secured, led into the bathroom, hands tied above head whilst sat in the shower and turned into a Rubber Urinal Boy and was then soaked in and made to drink quite alot of piss. Thankfully it was very weak piss, for which I am grateful for 😛

After a shower, removal of rubber and a dry off, I was put in the sling, blindfolded with some bondage tape and more cock torment and poppers fun was had.

Then after a break for some more food, I was dressed in Loki’s access suit, roped standing into the bondage frame and hooded with the leather Master U hood with just a mouth hole. ALOT of cock torment was had including alot of torment with massagers. Finally it all become too much for me and I got too close and then exploded all over the floor. Then i was untied, allowed to shower and dress and collapsed on the sofa!

I dont think I have messed any details but its always tricky to remember all the details when you are having so much horny kinky fun 😛

Hope you all enjoy the pics below. As ever comments are always welcome, either via email or twitter

Gizmo *wags*