Vac Bed

This pup is now the lucky owner of a black rubber vac bed and I am excited to try it out for the first time.

I settled on a cock out version with breathing tube from Vacbed.co.uk

They make great quality vac beds and other items, make in the UK using Radical Rubber, which is also made in the UK

I was very impressed with the quality of the product, given the very low price.

The rubber bag part is very well made with the openings re-enforced and the tube is standard plumbing tubing with holes pre-drilled. It is supplied ready to go with a one-way valve, all pipes and fittings, the rubber portion, a piece of tube and some clips.

I will be doing a more in-depth write up once I have had chance to try it and take some photos for you all too enjoy. 

I am impressed so far, and from speaking to a friend who has one, I ordered a breath through gag from Regulation, London (Item Code 1420504) to use with it, as he suggested the piece of pipe supplied isn’t great and he felt more comfortable gag. That is a small comment though on an otherwise fantastic purchase.