A quick visit to Pup Loki and his machines!

I was lucky enough to pay Pup Loki a very quick visit last week before heading into work.

I packed a small amount of gear including a full black rubber suit and headed off to see him.

On arrival, we had a quick chat and a glass of water and then it was unto the playroom to show him what I had bought and to get rubbered up.

Once rubbered up, he loaned me a very well fitting rubber hood to add to the gimpy transformation and was very horny to look at myself in the mirror on the playroom wall.

I was then firmly strapped into the bondage chair with a variety of straps, ball mitts put onto hands and balls tied nice and tight.

After a bit of breath control play with the speedo swim cap i had bought with me, it was onto the serious control and play!

I was gas masked and poppered up, electro plug buzzing away in my bum, massager attached to moveable arm and positioned near my tied balls, venus milker placed on my rather hard cock and eyes covered on gas mask so I was absolutely helpless and had no idea what was coming!

Loki then proceeded to torment and edge me whilst I was nicely high and moaning well!

Unfortunately I came a little too close whilst all this was going on and as much as I thought Id held back, it seems I had a very ruined orgasm. After a bit more of the same torment, Loki could see I wasn’t hard anymore and so kindly stopped and let me out.

We had a post session cuddle and then I got showered and out of my rubber.

After a bit of a rest on the sofa, I headed out and off to work.

Thanks to Loki for another incredible session with him and always a pleasure to pay him a visit.

Not too many photos were taken as we were enjoying ourselves in the short time frame too much.