Horny session with TieHardTwo and another rubber pup

I have had these rather horny photos for a few months now, of a very horny session last year and totally forgot about them. So here they finally are.
Was a very horny evening after work at a central London playroom with the two amazing guys from TieHardTwo (Recon) and another pup (that they’d played with a few times before and I’d only met for a drink).
I was let in by the guy in the photos and told to get changed in the bathroom.
I stripped and put on my toe socks, full black rubber suit with nipple zips and all round crotch zips, microbreathe hood and leather collar.
I was then tied into several positions and tormented with the vibrating wand and a very skilful hand.
The other guy arrived whilst I was bound and blindfolded so I could only hear what was happening to him and then could only feel his cock pressing against me in the last couple of photos.
A very horny session with some truly fantastic guys. I am very grateful to them.

Missing Videos

Apologies for all the videos that are now unavailable.
They were uploaded to Xtube, who now seem to have removed thousands of kinky video clips from their platform with no warning.
I am looking at where I can re-upload them in order to get them back online again.

Visits from Rubber Rolo

I have been lucky enough to have Rubber Rolo (@rubber_rolo) to visit me and my boyfriend on several occasions over the past 6 months or so, and want to share some of the photos and videos from our playtimes together.

I think you will agree he looks absolutely fantastic in rubber/neoprene.

Fucked in the sling in black rubber by a black rubber as tinted MSA gas mask clad Rubber Rolo (Overhead Camera:

Fucked in the sling in black rubber by a black rubber as tinted MSA gas mask clad Rubber Rolo (Handheld Camera):

Fucked naked on a hotel bed by a sexy orca wetsuit clad Rubber Rolo:

Feb 2018 – Visit to LondonRopeTop

I had the pleasure of another fantastic and very horny visit to LRT earlier this year and completely forgot to edit and upload the photos.

There was alot of rubber, breath play, cbt, suspension and other fun, as you’ll be able to see!

As always, a massive thanks to LRT for his time and his expert skills.

A kinky weekend in the playroom of RubberedBondage

A full write up of my kinky weekend in the playroom of RubberedBondage will be here in the next few days but in the meantime enjoy the videos I have edited so far and check back soon for more.

Suspended in my orange rubber suit and subjected to electro torment:

Restrained in sling in black rubber and subjected to torment with an F Machine:

Tied tightly to bondage table in orange rubber and subjected to breath control, poppers, edging and vibrating wand torment:

A re-post from 3 years ago with some new videos

Some of these images were posted in about 2013, but I have since found and edited some video from the same session.
This was a quick evening play in a hotel in Birmingham when I was there for work. Was with a hot young pup and a fantastic older dom, who really knew how to push us and make us both very horny.

Gizmo the Piss Pup

Joint Re-Breathing in Neoprene Sleepsack with Cock Electro


Vac Bed

This pup is now the lucky owner of a black rubber vac bed and I am excited to try it out for the first time.

I settled on a cock out version with breathing tube from Vacbed.co.uk

They make great quality vac beds and other items, make in the UK using Radical Rubber, which is also made in the UK

I was very impressed with the quality of the product, given the very low price.

The rubber bag part is very well made with the openings re-enforced and the tube is standard plumbing tubing with holes pre-drilled. It is supplied ready to go with a one-way valve, all pipes and fittings, the rubber portion, a piece of tube and some clips.

I will be doing a more in-depth write up once I have had chance to try it and take some photos for you all too enjoy. 

I am impressed so far, and from speaking to a friend who has one, I ordered a breath through gag from Regulation, London (Item Code 1420504) to use with it, as he suggested the piece of pipe supplied isn’t great and he felt more comfortable gag. That is a small comment though on an otherwise fantastic purchase.   

A quick visit to Pup Loki and his machines!

I was lucky enough to pay Pup Loki a very quick visit last week before heading into work.

I packed a small amount of gear including a full black rubber suit and headed off to see him.

On arrival, we had a quick chat and a glass of water and then it was unto the playroom to show him what I had bought and to get rubbered up.

Once rubbered up, he loaned me a very well fitting rubber hood to add to the gimpy transformation and was very horny to look at myself in the mirror on the playroom wall.

I was then firmly strapped into the bondage chair with a variety of straps, ball mitts put onto hands and balls tied nice and tight.

After a bit of breath control play with the speedo swim cap i had bought with me, it was onto the serious control and play!

I was gas masked and poppered up, electro plug buzzing away in my bum, massager attached to moveable arm and positioned near my tied balls, venus milker placed on my rather hard cock and eyes covered on gas mask so I was absolutely helpless and had no idea what was coming!

Loki then proceeded to torment and edge me whilst I was nicely high and moaning well!

Unfortunately I came a little too close whilst all this was going on and as much as I thought Id held back, it seems I had a very ruined orgasm. After a bit more of the same torment, Loki could see I wasn’t hard anymore and so kindly stopped and let me out.

We had a post session cuddle and then I got showered and out of my rubber.

After a bit of a rest on the sofa, I headed out and off to work.

Thanks to Loki for another incredible session with him and always a pleasure to pay him a visit.

Not too many photos were taken as we were enjoying ourselves in the short time frame too much.



Visit to see @Ladrubber and @Puppy__D

The other weekend I was lucky enough to get the chance to visit these two wonderful friends again at their home with my boyfriend/owner @kinkykkob.

We did the usual things friends do on the Saturday and also went to the cinema. Sunday morning was spent chilling out and playing some computer games (this pup isn’t really a gamer though so I took some convincing but did enjoy myself).

Sunday afternoon however involved rubber! Yayyyyy

Puppy__D and I got into our rubber puppy gear and @Ladrubber with some guidance from @kinkykkob took some amazing photos of the two of us.

Below are the best pictures we took for you all too enjoy.

Please do look them up on twitter and give them a follow if you’d like too 🙂


Photo Shoot with Chris Jepson of Manshooter.com

Last Tuesday, I was lucky enough to be invited over to the studio of Chris Jepson, an exceptionally talented photographer, for a kink photoshoot.

From the moment I arrived, I was very relaxed and Chris and I discussed what gear I had bought with me and what photos I especially wanted to do.

He has a very relaxed yet totally professional attitude, and I felt very at ease, and Im sure you’ll agree with me that he took some utterly incredible photos and I am so very happy with them.

Pup Jesse also stopped by to say hi and ended up doing a short photo session with me, which was amazing fun.

There are many more photos than I have put on here, mainly because a lot of them have my face in.

Please do take a moment to stop by the Man Shooter Website and to see more of Chris’ exceptional work

Images are all Copyright © Chris Jepson at Man Shooter – www.manshooter.com

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